The main feature that distinguishes me is to be a creative all-round, dealing with Design, Illustration and image coordination, and also to be able to boast a wide knowledge of the productive and technical aspect of fashion, having at the base a sartorial training and a lot of experience in the field.

I was born into a family of traditional tailoring, already my maternal grandmother before the Second World War had a prestigious tailoring in Naples, known for the quality of the workmanship and his personal creativity. A tradition that was later collected by my parents, who rode the fruitful and prestigious wave of the ‘ 80s, the golden age of Italian Fashion. In those years I had my first “fascination”, a sort of baptism of fire: my mother took me to attend an eighteen-year-old fashion show, a Haute Couture fashion show by Yves Saint Laurent. Could I not be shocked?!

So the names of the great Fashion have always been for me “family names”… Chanel, Dior, Valentino, Versace… Names never forgotten and that I have followed over the years, studied, researched with passion and curiosity. In this way, I can boast a very wide and in-depth knowledge of History and Fashion, which in recent years has taken the form of a series of study and research articles in my blog STYLENOTES*.

After my studies of classical approach I continued specializing in fashion design and design management. After finishing my studies, I took my first steps in the world of work in the family Tailoring, and then I approached wider and wider realities. I have developed my career as FASHION DESIGNER collaborating in Italy and abroad with high-level companies and designers, from Versace to Alessandro Dell’Acqua, from Victor Alfaro to Carol Christian Poell, ranging from avant-garde fashion to the most glamorous and trendy catwalks, and achieving good results both in terms of image and sales.

My attention to detail and the almost maniacal care I have of the image also leads me to follow the aspect of communication, designing and coordinating photo shoots and videos as ART DIRECTOR. Thanks also to my innate empathy, which combines a rigorous method and a managerial training, over the years I have developed a strong aptitude for team work and leadership, and always aim to work in a climate of serenity and mutual collaboration and motivation, valuing the individual skills and talents of each.
My passion for drawing and the Figurative Arts led me to real “incursions” in the Art participating in collective exhibitions of prestige in Italy and the United States with my works of Illustration and pictorial. In such moments I leave out the “practical” aspect related to the rigorous design and I leave my imagination free to space and to tell in a totally free way the world as I see it, or imagine.

Angels are born, but also hybrid creatures, almost metaphysical if not at the limit of the monstrous in total contrast with the elegance of the shapes of their clothes and the artistic trait with which I represent them.

In recent years, then, I went back to my origins, bringing me closer to the world of Haute Couture, both collaborating with prestigious Haute Couture tailors, and designing unique clothes for the prestigious Middle Eastern clientele. Haute Couture is a world of total opulence, which still offers ample possibilities for creativity and to create unique and special dream garments, designed to make even more beautiful Arab princesses and the charming ladies of the Jet Set. Although, I confess, nothing gives me more satisfaction than meeting on the street, casually, a woman wearing my own creation, maybe designed for one of the companies I collaborate with as a consultant, unaware protagonist of my idea, not more abstract but that I see lived in everyday reality.