I’m a creative, multi-disciplined Art Director specialized in Fashion Design, Luxury goods and Visual Arts. I’m always searching for the best tools and style to deliver high quality works


I was born in Naples in 1967. My family embraced the pure Italian fashion values and it used it for their business which will be my “home”. My grandmother opened an Haute Couture Atelier which survived to WWII and was keeping on evolving towards reconstruction and economic boom in Italy, through courage, creativity and new ideas. My parents kept the tradition and style of the House, following transformation and new ideals spread by crazy 70s and glorious 80s in Italy.

At the age of 17, I went to my first fashion show with my mother: It was “Yves Saint Laurent” ,where I was  impressed to see live the his perfect dresses filled with amazing colors and wore by models like Katoucha, Amalia e Iman. So I decided to be a Fashion Designer.

Having completed my design studies at the Istituto Superiore di Design of Naples, I’ve acquired a master in Milan attending at Domus Academy of Milan, under the direction of Gianfranco Ferrè. My first steps in Fashion Industry were in the Mario Valentino company, as designer  of accessories but it was not enough for me.

So I take the  opportunity to working with Carol Christian Poell, a truly visionar designer; that job helped me to develop my knowledge and creativity:  here I started to think outside the box, experimenting with new materials an ideas. After this experience I moved to work at Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s Studio, for whom I designed menswear, following a new image of male fashion,trendy and fashionaire. Here I learned the sense  of up-to-date fashion.

Accolade after accolade was to follow throughout my career, now I can say that for sure my highest achievement was to working for Versace Fashion House, under the direction of Donatella Versace. Extreme Glamour, Top Models, Luxury and a “sense of shocking fashion” was  her “dictate”. It was the closing  of the circle, just graduate I’ve been chosed by  Gianni Versace as stageur.about1

Years later, closed my experience in Versace, I started a freelance job working as Senior Designer at Gruppo Gilmar. Here I designed for Victor Alfaro and Iceberg;  then I travelling abroad in Los Angeles where Henry Durante hired me for a fashion show in Rome. Asia and Russia has been my place for a while, during my work trips around the World, where I designed for several local brands and companies.about2

Puro Stile (P+S) was my first private project where style and colors followed an “holistic” path, in order to mix fashion with the inner language  of the soul, and to represent it with several colors, to spread happiness and graphical impact.

I’m a pure fashion and art researcher and I never stop looking forward, towards future, innovation but never getting rid of my roots and origins. Now I’m coming back to my first love: Haute Couture; I’ve  opened a space dedicated to the luxury design and I make “exclusive” clothes  for  international costumers. At the same time I keep on working on several projects as a freelance Art Director and Concept Designer.